November 2017

Wind Temperature Guide

Motorcycle Wind Temperature Guide Riding in the Spring & Fall can offer some challenges, in my opinion these two seasons in West Virginia require a bit more of a seasoned rider, or just a more conscientious rider.  Here’s the thing, in the Fall we have the rut for one thing, there are deer EVERYWHERE, darting […]

10 of the Best Christmas Gifts for Bikers

10 of the Best Christmas Gifts for Bikers So every year I try to come up with a list of cool things every biker would love.  I look for new things, I look for funny things.   However, this year I thought I would put together a list of things of gifts that we’d all be […]

Motorcycle Friendly Inn – BrazenHead Inn

One of West Virginia’s Motorcycle Friendly Inn’s Motorcycle friendly Inn on one of the best riding roads in West Virginia – US 219 When we are challenged to pick routes to talk about, and where WE find the some of the best riding in WV, it’s hard not to talk about US 219 through West […]

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