A few of the Best WV Swimming Holes

A few of the Best WV Swimming Holes One thing we’ve always loved to do while out for a long ride is find a cool spot to jump off the bike and take a swim in a good ole swimming hole. Here are a few we’ve found, let us know if there are other cool […]

Wind Temperature Guide

Motorcycle Wind Temperature Guide Riding in the Spring & Fall can offer some challenges, in my opinion these two seasons in West Virginia require a bit more of a seasoned rider, or just a more conscientious rider.  Here’s the thing, in the Fall we have the rut for one thing, there are deer EVERYWHERE, darting […]

Motorcycle Trip Planner

Motorcycle Trip Planner: What to bring on a long ride It took me a long time to learn some lessons on how to pack for a long ride, I would pack and unpack and pack again.  And if we were travelling 2 up then the challenge got even more complicated. Bottom line is there is […]

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